Complete selection of all HANRO dresses for various occasions such as holiday, beach, leisure, lounging or sleeping. Beautifully designed, comfortable, elegant. Either with beautiful patterns, stripes or plain colours. The dresses are made from the finest materials.

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  1. Spaghetti Dress 90cm
    XS S M L
  2. Sleeveless Nightdress 130cm
    XS S M L
  3. Spaghetti Dress 90cm
    S M L XL
  4. HANRO_241_W_Rosa_LSLVNightdress110cm_074933_072309_040.jpg
    S M
  5. HANRO_241_W_SleepLounge_Dress95cm_074926_072706_040.jpg
    XS S M L
  6. HANRO_241_W_Juliet_SpaghettiDress130cm_077748_072503_040.jpg
    XS S M L
  7. HANRO_241_W_Juliet_SpaghettiDress130cm_077748_072349_040.jpg
    XS S M L
  8. HANRO_241_W_NaturalComfort_SSLVNightdress90cm_077963_072706_040.jpg
    XS S M L
  9. HANRO_241_W_UrbanCasuals_Dress_078822_071790_040.jpg
    XS S M L
  10. HANRO_241_W_Emma_SSLVNightdress100cm_074921_072294_040.jpg
    XS S M L

The high-quality garments from material expert and brand manufacturer HANRO are ideal for a wide variety of occasions. They are suitable for sleeping, but also for everyday wear. Thanks to their fine workmanship, elegant appearance and high-quality materials, they are true all-rounders. Either as a nightdress or sleepwear for the night or as a beautiful and uncomplicated basic dress for summer, holidays, the beach or the garden. They are therefore also ideal for travelling.


The pretty dresses are made from airy cotton, 100% cotton, light flowing viscose, linen, micromodal and other materials. They come in beautiful patterns, plain colours or stripes. The colours range from apricot, green, black, white, light blue etc.


Some styles are T-shirt dresses or with long or short sleeves or dresses with spaghetti straps or even without sleeves. The variations also depend on the season, summer or winter. They are either long, knee-length or short. You can also choose your favourite style in terms of neckline. Would you prefer a round neckline or a V-neck?


As you can see, we have many variations that will last you a long time thanks to their timeless yet modern design and are essential basics in your wardrobe. Our credo is: it's better to have fewer items that are multifunctional and durable. Also discover our organic cotton.

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