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Underwear and clothing made from organic cotton in the usual HANRO premium quality. Environmentally friendly thanks to halved water consumption, no pesticides or fertilisers and no genetic engineering. Made in Europe.

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19 Items




Sustainable clothing for women made from organic cotton

HANRO has launched a sustainable collection made of organic cotton (organic cotton) and thus contributes to more environmental protection and sustainability.

What makes organic cotton so special and why is it sustainable?

The highest standards apply from the cultivation to the sale of organic cotton. Organically grown cotton is GMO-free. This means that the cotton plant has not been genetically modified. In addition, no fertilisers or pesticides are used. As a result, the humus content of the soil is relatively high, which means that the soil can absorb more water and CO2 and the plants do not need to be irrigated as much as in conventional cultivation. Thus, the cultivation of organic cotton uses only half as much water as conventional cotton. In addition, crop rotation is observed when planting the fields, which avoids the development of a monoculture and keeps the soil more fertile. Our collections presented here are all made of the sustainable material organic cotton and thus contribute to more environmental protection.