Collection Sea Island Cotton

Pure luxury: premium daywear made from the most exclusive and rarest cotton fibre in the world: Sea Island cotton. Hand-picked in the British West Indies. Experience an incomparably soft feel and a naturally silky lustre. MADE IN AUSTRIA.

Sea Island Cotton Shirts and Underwear for Men

HANRO processes the world's most exclusive cotton fibre in various underwear pieces for men. Shop for T-shirts, boxers, pants and briefs made from luxury cotton and feel pure elegance and comfort on your skin.

What makes Sea Island Cotton so special?

Rare and luxurious, Sea Island cotton is one of the most precious cottons in the world, accounting for just 0.0004% of all cotton produced. It grows exclusively on the West Indies islands of the Caribbean and irrigation is mainly natural due to heavy rainfall. Due to the climatic conditions prevailing there, particularly long cotton fibres thrive, which can be spun into very fine and tear-resistant threads. This is why fabrics made from Sea Island cotton feel so soft and silky, similar to cashmere. To protect this regional product, the WISICA (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association) controls the cultivation of Sea Island cotton and issues corresponding certificates that guarantee the authenticity and origin of the cotton.

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