Feminine lingerie with decorative zigzag or intricate flower and leaf embroidery from Austria, specially created by our design team exclusively for HANRO.

In this category you will find articles with different types of embroidery, which may vary depending on season and availability. Strictly speaking, embroidery is not a material, but knitting is the creation of textile stitch structures from yarns by looping the thread. It is one of the oldest techniques in the lingerie segment and only a few suppliers still master this exclusive technique.

One type of embroidery is eyelet embroidery. This is also called broderie anglaise and the generic term is "Madeira embroidery". Here, motifs are embroidered on cotton fabric. Then the holes are punched or drilled out - the resulting holes are part of the motif. Finally, the ribbons are embroidered again. The final product has a beautiful, noble look and is often used for light and airy nightwear.

Another production method is tulle embroidery. Here, the motifs are embroidered on elastic or non-elastic tulle fabrics using different embroidery strokes, e.g. lace embroidery, leaf embroidery. They are among the longest-used production methods in the textile industry and are very popular. A variety of motifs is possible.