100% cotton clothing and daywear

T-shirts, shorts, jogging suits, underwear, hoodies, pyjamas and other clothing made from one hundred percent pure cotton. This pleasant natural material makes your skin feel comfortable and natural.

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Underwear, nightwear, shirts & loungewear made of cotton are very popular due to their natural, moisture-regulating and pleasant wearing properties. HANRO underwear is made from the highest quality cotton. As a result, the cotton is easy to care for, very silky, particularly firm, low-pilling and has a very soft handle.

In addition, HANRO uses elaborate and unique finishing processes to create an even shinier, more brilliantly coloured and robust end product.



Core competence: cotton

HANRO has an incomparable knowledge of materials, processing and finishing of cotton that has grown over decades. This natural material is one of HANRO's core competences and has been an essential part of every collection since the company was founded. We only use particularly strong, easy-care and high-quality cotton, which has a silky, perfect surface and a soft feel. HANRO is also known for its elaborate and unique finishing processes, such as mercerisation. These ensure an even shinier, more robust and durable end product.


Cotton at HANRO

As an expert in natural fibres, HANRO only processes high-quality cotton fibres in the long staple and extra long staple categories. By the way, long staple cotton in combination with mercerisation is particularly durable and therefore sustainable. These special cotton qualities include Giza cotton, Pima and Supima cotton as well as the highest quality cotton in the world, Sea Island cotton. Another characteristic is the fineness of the cotton fibres. The longer and finer the fibre, the higher the quality and finer the fabric.


Longevity = sustainability

The choice of premium cotton not only pays off in terms of comfort and appearance, but also in terms of durability. And long-lasting products are in turn sustainable products.  


Learn more about cotton

Cotton is one of the natural plant fibres and is made from the natural cotton plant. 
Its properties are that it is light and flexible and has a high breathability like no other natural fibre in the world. It has good thermal conduction qualities and can absorb up to 65% of its weight in water, making it extremely absorbent. It is therefore kind to the skin, provides a natural temperature balance, promotes the natural skin climate and ensures that there is no unpleasant odour when sweating.

HANRO only uses fibres from the high-quality category, including Giza cotton, Pima and Supima cotton as well as the highest quality cotton in the world, Sea Island cotton. By using the highest qualities, our linen does not only have the already existing advantages of cotton. The high-quality raw material selection enables a cotton that is particularly strong, does not allow pilling, is easy to care for and has a silky texture as well as a soft handle. HANRO's unique and elaborate finishing processes create an even shinier and more robust end product.

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