100% cotton underwear and nightwear

Comfortable nightwear and underwear made of pure cotton. The one hundred percent cotton pieces, such as briefs, pants and nightgowns fit like a second skin: for a natural feeling.

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  3. Long Pants
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  5. Tank Top
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  9. 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
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  10. Crop Pants 7/8
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  12. Top
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  16. Short Pajama
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Cotton garments for women


Clothing made from the natural material cotton gains his popularity due to its moisture-regulating, natural and comfortable wearing properties. HANRO's underwear, nightwear and loungewear are made from first-class cotton qualities that are particularly resilient, easy-care, silky and soft.

HANRO's elaborate and unique finishing processes make the fine cotton fabrics even shinier and more resistant, creating a long-lasting, low-pilling end product with high colour brilliance.

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Core competence: cotton

Cotton is one of HANRO's core competences and has always been an essential part of every collection. Therefore, we have an incomparable knowledge of materials, processing and finishing that has grown over decades. The high-quality cotton used by HANRO is particularly strong, easy to care for and has a silky, perfect surface as well as a soft feel. In addition, HANRO uses elaborate and unique finishing processes to create an even shinier, more robust and durable end product.  


Cotton at HANRO

As an expert in natural fibres, HANRO only processes high-quality cotton fibres in the long staple and extra long staple categories. These include Giza cotton, Pima and Supima cotton as well as the highest quality cotton in the world, Sea Island cotton. Long staple cotton, in combination with mercerisation, is particularly durable and therefore sustainable. The quality of cotton is not only measured by the length, but also by the fineness of the cotton fibres. The longer and finer the fibre, the higher the quality and finer the fabric.


Longevity = sustainability

The topic of durability is close to our hearts and is our central quality standard. The first step begins with the selection of the highest quality cotton fibres. Because long-lasting products are sustainable products. Premium quality means longevity, which in turn means sustainability. 


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If you prefer natural materials, clothing and underwear made from 100 percent cotton is just right for you. The raw materials and yarns used by HANRO are of particularly high quality, which is noticeable in the durability of the items, the exceptional feel and the luxurious appearance. Here you will find the right pure cotton T-shirt for you, which creates pure well-being in your free time, when lounging or sleeping. Because the shirts are very soft & cosy.

Discover also other cotton clothes. Find the ideal nightgown for you with and without buttons or with short or long sleeves, as well as pyjamas and pyjamas. The soft material makes your skin feel comfortable by day and by night. Underwear for women made of the natural material are very popular, because it gives you a secure feeling without sweating. Especially briefs and pants made of 100 % cotton are a favourite in the wardrobe, not only for allergy sufferers.  But vests made of one hundred percent cotton are also very popular with women.

Cotton is a natural plant fibre obtained from the cotton plant. The cotton is not processed raw, but first spun into threads. Convincing properties of this natural plant material are that it is light and flexible. It has high breathability and good heat-conducting qualities. Remarkable: it can absorb up to 65 % of its weight in water and is thus extremely absorbent. The natural fibre is therefore kind to the skin, stands for a natural temperature balance, promotes the natural skin climate, ensures that no unpleasant odours arise when sweating and brings with it the emotional aspect of "naturalness on the skin".

By using the highest quality cotton, HANRO cotton products offer further strengths in addition to the already existing advantages of cotton. The high quality enables a cotton that is particularly strong, does not allow pilling, is easy to care for and has a silky texture and a soft feel. In addition to using the highest qualities, HANRO uses elaborate and unique finishing processes to create an even shinier and more robust end product. 
All items in this category have been manufactured without spandex.

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