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In the autumn/winter 2023 campaign "Cosmopolitan Balance", HANRO combines dazzling city life with contemplative attentiveness.
In the midst of the metropolis, the collection presents itself as its own little oasis of well-being, which sensually combines stylistic reduction, luxurious materials and perfect wearing comfort. The elegant styles barely touch the skin and are timeless favourites.

225 Items
  1. Sleeveless Cardigan
    XS S M L
  2. Boyleg
  3. Cardigan
    XS S M L
  4. Top
    S L
  5. Midi Briefs
  6. Spaghetti Top
    XS S M L
  7. HANRO_232_W_SleepLounge_TankTop_077751_071499_040.jpeg
    XS S M L
  8. Top
  9. Soft Cup Bra
  10. Spaghetti Top
  11. Short Sleeve Shirt
    XS S M L
  12. Short Sleeve Nightdress
    XS S M L
  13. Long Sleeve Shirt
    XS S M L
  14. Thong
    XS S M L
  15. Long Pants
    XS S M L
  16. Leggings
    S M L
  17. Midi Briefs
  18. Long Pants
    XS S M L
    Long Pants
  19. Pullover
    XS S M L
  20. Spaghetti Top


The boundaries between vibrant city life and mindful country living are becoming increasingly blurred. Hybrid living spaces now shape our lifestyles, values and social structures. On the one hand, we appreciate the urban lifestyle and modern culture of metropolises.

At the same time, we enjoy the small time-outs in familiar surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere. This personal and intimate space is becoming the center of our lives. A decelerated urbanity is emerging that combines the best, the most meaningful of both worlds and creates a balance between city and country, global and local, as well as digital and analog.

In the Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, HANRO picks up on this new reality and combines dazzling big city life with contemplative mindfulness. In the middle of the metropolis, the new collection presents itself in ist own little feel-good world, equally urban and relaxed, creating a perfect symbiosis of comfort and style. The boundaries between day and night as well as indoor and outdoor become blurred. The focus is on feeling good -24 hours a day.

Cosmopolitan Balance - A life in balance in the middle of the pulsating metropolis.