LA DOLCE VITA – Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

We first need to relearn it: That of doing nothing, idleness, appreciating the moment and the simple things in life. The scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning that drifts through the whole house. The first bite into a warm, fluffy light croissant. That sweet juice of a ripe peach running down your chin as you bite it. The warm summer breeze caressing your skin and providing a little cooling. We usually live in the past or in the future and we miss the present, being here and now. There are many small daily moments to make us happy, you only have to be aware of them to enjoy them. Simply doing nothing and switching off would do us all good. For our Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, HANRO picks up on the Italian attitude to life, ''Dolce Vita", which is characterized by indulgence, ease, and a joy of life. 


La Dolce Vita - Frühjahr/Sommer 2023 Kollektion


NATURAL SENSATIONS – Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

The HANRO Spring/Summer 2022 campaign "Natural Sensations" stands for the unique magic of a summer day, which is difficult to put into words. It's that special energy and a tingling sensation in the body that grabs us in the morning. Dreaming of relaxed days and long nights, fun and adventure awaits. Away from the noise of the big city, nature captivates us. Like a painting, the endless panoramic view of nature and the colors affect our soul and spirit. Nature in the summer is full of contrasts yet harmonious. Barren landscapes and hot air alternate with cool shade and refreshing water. While outside, we feel the glistening light and the warmth of the sun on our skin, while inside we find a relaxing, cool, subdued atmosphere.

Natural Sensation - Frühjahr/Sommer 2022 Kollektion



HANRO launches 360° campaign "THE STORY OF GENERATIONS"

Quality awareness is a mindset that is often passed on from one generation to the next. Brands and products that meet one's own discerning standards and are consistently dependable and durable, are trusted and recommended to the next generation. Beginning this October, HANRO will launch "HANRO FOREVER - THE STORY OF GENERATIONS," a worldwide multichannel campaign. The focus of the campaign is to demonstrate the cross-generational love and loyalty to the HANRO brand and the unique, long-lasting quality of its products. "Again and again, we receive letters and e-mails from customers telling us that their mother or grandmother wore HANRO. So somehow the brand has also become part of family traditions," Stephan Hohmann tells us. "This is a testament to the quality and durability of our products, the timelessness of our designs, and the great loyalty of our customers."

The Story of Generations



HANRO supports breast cancer organizations

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. The diagnosis can affect any woman, at any age. Breast cancer is therefore the most common cancer among women. HANRO is once again committed to the fight against breast cancer. This year, HANRO is supporting Pink Ribbon in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, and The Pink Agenda in the US as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. "For us, the well-being of women is the most important thing. With our contribution, we want to help raise public awareness of early detection, research, and treatment of breast cancer and help women who have the disease. It is with great pleasure that we support several breast cancer organizations," says Stephan Hohmann, HANRO Managing Director. For every bra sold in October, HANRO will donate € 5 to the respective Pink Ribbon organizations. This promotion only applies to sales at designated stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, the US, the Canadian webshop, and Dubai. All proceeds from respective countries will be donated to the respective Pink Ribbon organizations.

Pink Ribbon Aktion


JULY 2021

New: Organic Cotton and Supreme Green Cotton®

Sustainability has always been a priority at HANRO and is part of the brand’s DNA – just like the natural material Cotton. With the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, HANRO combines the two focuses of sustainability and premium cotton to launch several organic cotton and Supreme Green Cotton® series. "We have long sought high-quality organic cotton that would meet the discerning standards of our HANRO customers. After all, the product is only truly sustainable when it is also durable, and that also applies to organic materials. This makes the carefully-considered selection of fabrics very important," says Christiane Braun, Head of Product Management and Design. "We use only long-staple organic cotton." With 'Natural Shirt' for women and 'Natural Living' for women and men, HANRO is launching several new organic cotton loungewear series. Organic cotton is GMO-free. No fertilizers or pesticides are used in its cultivation and it only uses half the water of conventional cotton. The shirts and pants are suitable not only for relaxing at home but can also be worn as trendy streetwear look. The soft, shape-retaining French Terry and the casual, modern cut makes this collection ideal for outerwear. 'Natural Living' is available in the colors Dune and Shale for the women, and in Savannah Sand and Deep Onyx for men.

Natural Living made from organic cotton


JUNE 2021

SENSE OF HOME – Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

With the Fall/Winter 2021 "Sense of Home" campaign, HANRO conveys an attitude towards life that the premium underwear brand has represented for over 135 years: This unique sensation of being wrapped up in a high-quality, fine garment made of natural materials gives the feeling of warmth and comfort. The reassurance of wearing durable, sustainable quality apparel from the company’s own production facility evokes feelings of security. The attention to detail – in the craftsmanship, in the design, and in the finishing touches shows that HANRO cares deeply about their products as well as the customer. HANRO also has a close relationship to Switzerland, where the brand was founded, as well as to its current headquarters in Austria, where 80% of the fabrics are still produced today. These two countries are connected to each other by the impressive mountain panorama and the untouched nature of the Alps. South Tyrol served as the perfect location for the HANRO Fall/Winter 2021 campaign shoot. The warm wood of the luxurious chalet, fire blazing in the fireplace, and snow-covered mountains harmonize with the soft, natural materials such as cotton, merino wool, silk, cashmere, velvet, and flannel. The Fall/Winter campaign is inspired by our heritage, our contentment and mindfulness of the environment and its resources. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the power of color, the new collection conveys a feeling of luxury while stimulating the senses.

Sense of home fall/winter 2021 collection


MAY 2021

360° Campaign 'TOUCH OF HANRO'

From the moment we’re born, we use our sense of touch to discover the world. The way things “feel” directly impacts our sense of well-being. With its new "TOUCH OF HANRO" campaign, the premium brand for daywear, nightwear, and loungewear is focusing on the extraordinary fabrics and the unparalleled feel of HANRO products. What makes the fabrics so special, how do HANRO undergarments feel on the skin, and why would you not want to wear anything else afterwards? "With this campaign, we bring customers closer to the unique quality of our undergarments. You have to touch HANRO and feel it on your skin to understand how high-quality the products are," says Stephan Hohmann, HANRO Managing Director. When people wear HANRO products for the first time, they’re often surprised at the delightful softness of our cotton, the lightness of our woolen silk blends, and the wispy delicacy of our viscose. Uniquely soft, our fabrics brush against your skin with the inimitable TOUCH OF HANRO.



APRIL 2021

Planting trees for Earth Day

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people and absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere. To mark Earth Day on 22nd of April, HANRO is planting a tree for every item sold from its current collection made from TENCELTM fibers, supporting ONE TREE PLANTED's reforestation efforts. “To express our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to partner with ONE TREE PLANTED this year. By restoring forests, we are helping to secure the future of the earth and making a valuable contribution to active environmental protection," says Stephan Hohmann, Managing Director at HANRO. The promotion runs from April 12 - 25 in the HANRO stores in Munich, Vienna, Graz, New York, and Beverly Hills as well as online at and

Planting trees for Earth Day



RECHARGE YOURSELF– Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

The world is constantly changing. Current events not only have a lasting effect on society, but also affect us personally. We must live in the moment, while being aware of our surroundings and being mindful of our emotions. In response, many people are shifting their focus inwards. Priorities are reassessed and quality of life is redefined. Is the stress and the pressure to succeed excessive, and is our consumption and constant need to please every one necessary? It gave us a moment to reset and reevaluate our priorities. The new collection reflects this new perspective on a sense of quality of life and focus on the essentials. With its natural, softly flowing fabrics and harmonious colors, it echoes the carefree lightheartedness of a summer’s day.

Recharge Yourself - Spring/Summer 2021 Collection



Bra campaign “MY COMFORT MY LUXURY” supports the fight against breast cancer

With the new bra campaign "MY COMFORT MY LUXURY", HANRO wants to focus on the individual needs and preferences of women. Not every bra fits every woman equally. The most important thing is that she feels comfortable in her bra. That is why we always focuses on the well-being of women when developing a new bra. Together with Frauke Nagel, our bra product developer, HANRO has created a special brochure filled with tips, tricks, and information to help you find your next favorite bra. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HANRO will be supporting the Pink Ribbon organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the fight against breast cancer.



JULY 2020

ZERO GRAVITY – Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Seeing the world through fresh eyes while breaking old routines. Weightlessly leaving day-to-day life behind, finding yourself, and regaining your balance. This inner lightness brings clarity, gives air to breathe, and creates space for fresh momentum. FLOATING and ZERO GRAVITY are the overall themes of the HANRO Fall/Winter 2020 campaign. This season, it consists of four different trend collections, each of which is individually staged. The puristic, abstract, and almost artful aesthetic of the product is inspired by nature, art, and architecture and ensures that the product is always the focus.

Zero Gravity - Fall/Winter 2020 Collection


APRIL 2020

HANRO supports non-profit PLANT-MY-TREE reforestation initiative

As part of Earth Day on April 22nd, HANRO is planting a tree for every product sold from our current collection made from TENCELTM fibers ("Balance Shirt" for women, "Natural Function" for men). In the United States, we are supporting the reforestation projects of PLANT-MY-TREE. The campaign will take place in the HANRO Stores in Munich, Vienna and Graz as well as our online shop at from the 20th to the 26th of April 2020. PLANT-MY-TREE's reforestation projects help to create new forest areas and neutralize unavoidable emissions. The aim is the long-term CO2 compensation and thus sustainable environmental and climate protection.

World Earth Day 2020




GOLDEN HOUR – Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Scorching hot sun, infinite terrain, and sand dunes created by the wind shape the desert’s landscape. The Rub’ al-Khali, one of the largest sand deserts in the world, serves as an impressive backdrop for the HANRO Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. The colors and prints of the collection harmonize perfectly with the surroundings. Materials like cotton, linen, cupro, and Tencel fibers meet handmade airy weaves and structured materials. Inspired by the sand and earth tones of the desert and the light of the sun, the colors range from beige and terracotta to yellow, red, and blue. Accents of fresh colors like pink, grapefruit, purple, and shades of green reflect an exotic oasis. The prints mirror the beautiful natural scenery. Caftans and loose-cut pants are reminiscent of Bedouin garments.

Spring/Summer 2020 Collection



Christmas window display with precious works of art

Premium quality, timeless design, and extraordinary materials are at the heart of every HANRO collection. The unique masterpieces created by the Dupont art studio in Berlin also represent craftsmanship at its best. For this year’s Christmas display, Klaus has created “Bohemian Christmas”. HANRO is working together with the Dupont art studio for the first time and presenting its extraordinary and precious art in juxtaposition with luxurious HANRO lingerie. The unique display will be on show at the HANRO stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Gstaad, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Dubai starting in the middle of November.

Klaus Dupont Christmas Window



HANRO commissions Blair Breitenstein to create a mural in their New York City Flagship

HANRO celebrates creativity in its finest forms, from the exquisite design and meticulous fit of its intimates’ collection to the luxurious fabrics of its loungewear. This November, HANRO will continue this celebration of creativity by transforming its New York City flagship into a work of art, with the installation of a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted mural by Breitenstein. “My work for the HANRO store is inspired by the book HANRO - The Story of Passion. By using this book as inspiration, I was able to celebrate the heritage of HANRO and stay true to my vintage inspired aesthetic,” said Blair Breitenstein, Fashion Illustrator. “I am also layering in classic HANRO shapes so that the mural will continue to be cohesive with the stores. The mural will be on display in the brand’s Meatpacking flagship store at 806 Washington Street starting Thursday, November 14th.

Blair Breitenstein Mural New York store


APRIL 2019

HANRO Beverly Hills commissions Blanda to design a mural

HANRO celebrates beauty in its finest forms. From the exquisite design and meticulous fit of its intimates’ collection to the luxurious fabrics of its loungewear, the brand is known for excellence. Later this month, HANRO will transform its Beverly Hills store into a work of art with the installation of a one-of-a-kind mural by contemporary artist Blanda. "The HANRO x BLANDA mural is inspired by the space it lives in and the individuals who are moving through that space. The two-dimensional image works in perfect synergy with the room and is rendered three-dimensional by the architecture. In that respect, the store visit can become an experience on many levels and blurs the lines between creative and commercial." She continued by highlighting the connection between the art and shoppers, "Inspired by shape, form, and movement the mural artwork strives to create a visual composition that harmoniously flows with the fabrics, colors, and textures of the HANRO garments."

Blanda Mural Beverly Hills store



Designer Nathalie Schweizer is inspired by swimwear from the HANRO archives

In the 1930s, HANRO, known today for high-quality lingerie, nightwear and loungewear, also designed beach and swimwear. Almost 90 years later, these historical swimwear creations serve as inspiration for the new swimwear collection by Zurich designer Nathalie Schweizer. The “Madeleine” collection has been inspired by the striped knitted patterns and the clever cuts – a homage to HANRO designer at the time Madeleine Kriesemer-Handschin. The striped knitted patterns, based on the color palettes of the 1930s, are reflected in the new collection, as is the understated cut, and emphasize the natural forms of the female body.

Nathalie Schweizer



New store in Dubai

HANRO opened a new store in Dubai in October 2018, which is the first HANRO store in the United Arab Emirates. The boutique is located in the new Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall, one of the largest and most luxurious shopping centers in the world. HANRO offers a complete selection of styles from its women's and men's collections on over 70 square meters of retail space. Dubai is HANRO's thirteenth flagship store in the world. Other HANRO boutiques are in Beverly Hills, New York, London, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Moscow.

Dubai Store




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