Our quality standards require fabrics of the very highest quality and origin and begin with the selection of raw materials. As experts in natural fibres, we only process cotton fibres of the highest category (e.g. Giza cotton, Pima and Supima cotton). The high quality of the cotton ensures a product that is particularly strong, does not allow pilling, is easy to care for and has a silky texture and a soft feel.

In addition, the highest quality merino wool and finest silk from OEKO-TEX ® certified yarn suppliers in Europe are used.

By using particularly high-quality wool such as merino and cashmere, HANRO clothing made from wool is softer, more supple and also easier to care for than conventional wool products.

Natural fibres include vegetable (e.g. cotton, linen) and animal natural fibres (e.g. merino, cashmere wool, silk). The advantages of these natural fibres include skin-friendliness and natural temperature balance. They promote the skin climate and there is no unpleasant odour formation when sweating. In addition, many people appreciate the feeling of "nature on the skin".