merino wool underwear and nightwear

The underwear made of merino wool with silk promises the highest wearing comfort. It insulates particularly well because it regulates heat and moisture. It can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet and is odourless at the same time. The underwear is also anti-static and does not scratch.

This wool belongs to the natural fibres and is the finely crimped undercoat of the merino sheep. This is pure new wool of the highest quality. We source the wool exclusively from farms that do not use the controversial mulesing shearing method. Merino wool is particularly good for lingerie. 
Advantages: This natural animal fibre has excellent heat retention properties while also regulating temperature and moisture. The wool can absorb moisture without feeling wet. It hardly creases and is extremely elastic. Dirt rolls off and odours are hardly absorbed. 
Some quality features are "felt-free" wool and therefore no pilling. The fineness of the processed wool yarn is also relevant. The finer it is, the more supple the fabric.

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