Invisible / seamless underwear

Discover underwear from HANRO, which is invisible and seamless under your clothes. The edges and seams of the vest, top, panties or briefs are ultra flat. This means that the underwear cannot be seen under trousers, shirts, etc.

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    Maxi Briefs
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The underwear is invisible under your clothes. No edges or seams shine through, so you can't see what you're wearing underneath. At the same time, the underwear surprises with maximum comfort and a good fit. Selected materials contribute to the pleasant wearing sensation. Opt for tops, briefs and panties without edges and seams. This is made possible by ultra-flat edges, processing without seams and lasercut technology, among other things.

There are no annoying side or end seams in the end product as described. Some of the articles are produced as follows: One tube at body height is produced on circular knitting machines, so a separate machine is necessary for each size. 




The light, seamless briefs are invisible under clothing. They lie flat against your skin creating a smooth look, are available in 7 colors, and can be perfectly paired with the 'Moments' and 'Cotton Seamless' collections. An absolute essential for you to have in your closet.

Are you looking for lingerie in skin colours? Guaranteed to be invisible under light, white or transparent clothing. Discover lingerie for women in nude.

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