In an environmentally friendly, resource-saving process, the material TENCEL™ Lyocell is produced from the sustainable raw material wood. The fibres can absorb a particularly high amount of moisture and thus ensure a natural temperature balance. In addition, TENCEL™ is very skin-friendly and has a soft feel.

The organic fiber TENCEL™ Lyocell comes from the Lenzing company in Austria and is produced from the sustainable raw material wood in an environmentally friendly, resource-saving process. One of the outstanding properties of TENCEL™ fibers is their high moisture absorption, which promotes a natural temperature balance. As a result, the skin feels pleasant and dry at all times. In addition, the material is characterized by exceptional wear properties such as skin-friendliness and a soft feel, flowing drape and subtle sheen. In addition, the fibers help maintain the balance of the environment through the natural circulation process.

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