pima & supima cotton

The shirts, briefs, pants and boxer shorts are particularly hard-wearing and durable thanks to the long and fine fibres of Pima or Supima cotton. The soft flowing underwear is particularly pleasant on the skin. It feels almost cool & convinces with its attractive, matt sheen.

A high-quality type of cotton that comes from America, Peru and Australia. What makes Pima unique compared to other cottons is the extra-long staple fibre, which gives the cotton its high-quality properties. The staple length is approx. 33-38 mm. It is exclusively hand-picked.

By the way, Supima cotton is an extra long staple cotton fibre (44 mm) from the USA and is a protected trademark. It is also hand-picked and even has a staple length of approx. 44 mm. This means that it is usually almost 50 % longer than conventional cotton. It also provides perfect moisture management and has an extra soft handle. It has a fine sheen and is easy to care for as well as hard-wearing and durable.

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