Collection Urban Casuals

Casual summer looks for the perfect casual chic at home, in the city or at the office. Made from summery, airy, light cotton woven fabric with structured monochromatic stripes or plain.

5 Items
  1. Shortsleeved Shirt
    €98.00 €140.00
  2. Trousers short
    €70.00 €99.00
  3. HANRO_231_W_UrbanCasuals_Dress_078709_072370_040.jpg
    S L
    €112.00 €160.00
  4. Trousers long
    €91.00 €130.00
  5. Dress
    €112.00 €160.00


Sarah Schäfer

wears the Urban Casuals collection in two different styles with our Touch Feeling crop tops or with a spaghetti top. 


Find Sarah on Instagram @sariiety.