Series Cotton Deluxe

A long-standing bestseller and a must-have for HANRO lovers. 100% lightweight, mercerised single jersey made from super combed Pima cotton - for a particularly soft, comfortable feel. With a full-length button placket or completely plain. MADE IN AUSTRIA.

The series is a long-time bestseller and a must-have for HANRO lovers. The nightwear is made of lightweight, mercerised single jersey from supercombed Pima cotton. The underwear provides a particularly soft, comfortable feel.

Single jersey is a knitted fabric and has a very fine surface appearance. Pima cotton is a high-quality type of cotton that comes from America, Peru and Australia. What makes Pima unique compared to other cottons is the extra long staple fibre which gives the cotton its high quality properties. The staple length is approx. 33-38 mm. It is exclusively hand-picked.

Combing is a finishing technique that is only applied to raw fibres and results in an even and firm surface, as short fibres are sorted out and long fibres are straightened. The result is therefore a smoothed surface, a uniform texture of the yarns, increased tensile strength and strength of the material.

In-house mercerisation makes the surface of the fabric smoother and shinier. It is given increased strength. The shine remains even after washing and the exceptional colour brilliance lasts longer and does not fade.

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