Series Juliet

Timeless nightwear made from 100% mercerised Pima cotton. Adjustable spaghetti straps ensure a perfect fit and the sophisticated pleated neckline makes it especially comfortable to wear. The series is the perfect holiday companion. The dresses can be worn as nightdresses, casual dresses and also as beach dresses. A popular series that is reinterpreted every season.

Juliet is a timeless sleepwear range made from 100% supercombed, mercerised Pima cotton. The tops and dresses come with adjustable spaghetti straps for the perfect fit. The sophisticated pleated neckline makes for a special wearing comfort.

The range is also the perfect summer companion as the underwear can also be worn as beachwear. Pima cotton is a type of cotton with an extra-long fibre length of 35 mm, which is only hand-picked. Therefore, fabrics made from Pima cotton are particularly soft, durable and have a lower pilling effect than conventional cotton products.

Combing is a finishing technique that is only used on raw fibres and results in an even and firm surface, as short fibres are sorted out and long fibres are straightened. The result is therefore a smoothed surface, a uniform texture of the yarns, increased tensile strength and strength of the material. 
In-house mercerisation makes the surface of the fabric smoother and shinier. It is given increased strength. The shine remains even after washing and the exceptional colour brilliance lasts longer and does not fade.