Those who wear a HANRO garment for the first time are surprised how soft the cotton feels, how airy and light the wool is, and how delicate the silk mixes are. For us, true luxury means feeling completely at home in your own skin. Fabrics must be of the very highest quality and origin to meet this demand, so the process begins back with the selection of raw materials.

 As an expert in the field of natural fibers, HANRO only processes hand-picked, long-staple quality cottons such as Pima cotton or Egyptian Giza cotton, as well as top quality Merino wool, the finest silk, and the very best Swiss cotton yarns and threads. These are what make the quality of our products so unique.











Finishing technologies

Our special soft mercerization finish gives the cotton a silk-like sheen, outstanding color brilliance, and a high tensile strength. The result: high-quality and long-lasting lingerie creations – quality that you can feel on your skin.

Mercerization is a costly application, so it is only applied to really high-quality series. The 28 m mercerization machine in HANRO’s knitting mill was therefore dubbed “the million-dollar machine”. Thanks to the amazingly close needle stitching, our precise and flat seams are unrivalled. All lace is sewn on by hand. Every single seam is quality checked, enabling us to guarantee flawless quality for our customers.




Innovative technologies at HANRO 

Our demands on quality and excellence extend to our production sites. No expense is spared in meeting these demands, which includes HANRO manufacturing and finishing our own fabrics. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production processes, the fabrics we create are unique. Seamless and hem-less finishes, soft mercerization, and the very closest stitching requirements are just a few of our innovations, all of which we are constantly working on developing further.




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HANRO uses only cotton of the highest quality. One type that HANRO uses is Giza cotton, which is grown in the Nile valley in Egypt and manually harvested. HANRO cotton products are particularly robust, while having a silky texture and a soft feel to them. Furthermore, they have less of a pilling effect and are easy-care. In addition to the usage of high-quality cotton, special and unique finishing technologies are applied that guarantee an even more silky but long-lasting product.




Giza cotton is cultivated in the Nile valley in Egypt.



HANRO uses both Pima and Supima cotton. Pima cotton is framed in the various countries of the American continent. Supima cotton is a registered trademark, guaranteeing Pima cotton of a certain quality produced 100% in the USA.


HANRO also uses the extremely rare and luxurious Sea Island cotton. This type of cotton is cultivated on the Caribbean islands of the British West Indies. Sea Island cotton has a staple length of more than 50 mm and is harvested exclusively by hand.









To make sure you can continue to enjoy your HANRO lingerie for a long time to come, please take note of our care tips.

  • 1. Color-wash or all-purpose detergents?

    HANRO recommends the use of color detergents in most cases. Color detergent contains no bleaching substances or optical brighteners and so maintains the color of colored textiles better than heavy-duty or regular detergent. If darker textiles are treated with regular detergent over a longer period, they will fade. This is particularly visible on edges, seams and waistband. The article quickly looks old and washed-out. The colors are no longer brilliant and get a grey veil.

  • 2. Greying

    White textiles could turn gray if treated with color detergent or washed together with colored textiles. Regular detergent contains bleaching substances and optical brighteners and is suitable for white textiles.

  • 3. Gentle wash

    Mild detergent contains no bleaching substances and cleans the fiber in a gentle way. If you are not sure how to treat a product use a mild detergent. The washing temperature indicated on the care label should also be taken into account. Washing too hot will damage the fibers and thus the fit.

  • 4. Avoiding felted woolens

    Wool, silk and cashmere should be treated with a special wool and silk detergent. Woolen fibers could felt and the product shrink. The silk thread is made of protein molecules and will turn brittle and matt if treated with regular detergent.

  • 5. Hand-wash

    Wire bras are always labeled hand care as the wires could be damaged in the washing machine and padded cups could be damaged too. Sometimes the wires come separated from the bras in the washing machine and damage the machine and other textiles inside.

  • 6. Laundry bags

    Soft bras can sometimes be washed in the washing machine in a mesh laundry bag. Please refer to the care instructions. Also delicate products with lace, embroidery should be handled with care by using a mesh laundry bag as this will separate the delicate products from other products in the washing machine that might have buttons, zippers, etc.

  • 7. Avoiding creasing

    After the wash cycle has finished remove the textiles as soon as possible for drying to avoid additional wrinkles.

Care Label

What do the laundering symbols on the label mean?


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