styles with cashmere

High-quality underwear made from luxurious material. The underwear is particularly cosy, soft and warming thanks to the cashmere used. HANRO only processes the particularly high-quality underfur of cashmere goats. Furthermore, we only source cashmere from animals that are combed and not sheared.

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Cashmere wool is a natural animal fibre obtained from the cashmere goat. The goats are combed once a year and never shorn. Only the undercoat is used, as it is a particularly soft and supple material. 
The cashmere hardly creases and is very elastic. Dirt rolls off and odours are hardly absorbed. Wool regulates temperature and moisture and has excellent heat retention properties. In addition, it can absorb moisture well without feeling wet.
We source cashmere exclusively from farms that can guarantee us that the goats' welfare comes first.

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