Whether in the past or the present, there are women in history who have shaped and changed the world with their commitment, courage, will and extraordinary achievements. They have shown strength, rebelled against oppression, raised their voices for minorities or enriched science with their research and inventions. The anniversary collection is a tribute to women, who have always been the focus of HANRO's attention. Fittingly, the anniversary styles in the men's collection are dedicated to famous men who have supported and promoted women.

"The self-confident woman does not blur the difference between man and woman - she emphasizes it."


Madeleine Kriesemer-Handschin in her office, HANRO Archive Liestal, ca. 1937

MADELEINE Kriesemer-Handschin

Madeleine Kriesemer-Handschin, granddaughter of the HANRO company founder, knew the textile factory from an early age. She was the first and only woman from the founding family to work for HANRO. She took on the demanding work as a designer without any schooling or studies, symbolizing the central role of women at HANRO. A look back to 1930 reveals her groundbreaking creation: ultra-light bra shirts that revolutionized the fashion world as invisible underwear.

"The women have a light and beautiful summer uniform: wide sailor pants, round caps and wide-striped jersey sweaters." Madeleine Handschin on her trip to the French Riviera in the 1930s; excerpt from "Das Buch der Riviera", Klaus und Erika Mann, Kindler Verlag, p.42. Original edition 1931.
Quote from the 1931 travel guide "Das Buch von der Riviera", Erika Mann and Klaus Mann, Kindler Verlag.

Inspired by this, she designed a new collection of so-called beach pajamas in just 14 days. A special feature for the time, as most women wore skirts rather than pants. 

"This series is a tribute to Madeleine Handschin, who significantly shaped the brand with her unique style and flair for new trends."



Head of Product Management


Madeleine Girard, HANRO Archiv Liestal, 2023

HANRO was already creating trouser suits for modern women in the 1930s.

The loungewear collection is based on a campaign shoot from the 90s.

Inspired by the formative styles, the highlight of the 'Madeleine' anniversary collection was created: a jumpsuit, also known as a beach suit at the time, with a matching belt.

All styles in the 'Madeleine' collection are made from sustainable, comfortable TENCEL™ Lyocell material and feature fashionable, decorative woven bands in a colour-block look.

Creative Commons: Marilyn Monroe by Ed Feingersh, 1955

Marilyn MONROE

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress and singer and is one of the greatest film stars of the 20th century. In her day, she was the most famous and most photographed woman in the world and a symbol of beauty, elegance, and glamour. She became a film icon in the 1950s. Her most popular films include "The Seven Year Itch", in which she wore HANRO underwear, making her one of the most famous HANRO wearers of her time.


"Marilyn Monroe embodied femininity and sensuality in her roles - just like our seductive anniversary lingerie 'Marilyn' made of lace."




The campaign shoot for the series was inspired by a swimwear shoot from the 1940s.

The 'Marilyn' series was inspired by the glamorous style of the Hollywood divas of the 1950s.

The bodysuit with soft lace galloon in a summery floral design is the highlight of the lingerie range.

Like Marilyn Monroe, the anniversary lingerie range also stands for femininity and seduction.

Creative Commons: Josephine Baker by Fred Erismann - private collection

Josephine BAKER

Josephine Baker was a pioneering African American dancer, singer and activist who rose to fame in Paris in the 1920s. She was known for her innovative dance style. She was both a glamorous revue star and diva and a fierce fighter for freedom, civil rights, and racism. She still exudes a special radiance today.

"The glamorous, seductive looks of the 1920s made of shiny, flowing materials and lace details, as well as the bright, strong yellow loved by Josephine Baker, were the source of inspiration for the anniversary series 'Josephine'"




'Josephine' was inspired by old designs from the archive that reflect the look of the 1920s.

The bright, strong yellow loved by Josephine Baker was used again for the campaign.

The highlight of the seductive 'Josephine' lingerie range are knickers with lace at the hem.

Seductive, elegant sleepwear made from flowing, soft micromodal fabric.

Creative Commons: 1941 by MGM


Hedy Lamarr was one of the most dazzling women of the 20th century. The Austrian embodied the ideal of beauty of her time, was a scandalous Hollywood superstar and at the same time an ambitious inventor of a visionary patent. Very few people will know that she developed a technology that is regarded as the pioneer of modern Bluetooth and WLAN. The anniversary collection 'Hedy' is dedicated to her.

"The 'Hedy' lingerie is made of the finest full lace with an integrated logo element in HANRO's typical, clean style. Logo looks are an important topic for fashionistas. 'Hedy' focuses on this trend to inspire women who are interested in high-quality and stylish lingerie."



Head of Product Management

Lingerie was already being staged on the boat in the 1990s.

The fashionable retro bra made of full lace with a tulle lining for optimum comfort is a real eye-catcher.

The anniversary collection celebrates the logo trend in the clean design signature typical of HANRO.

'Hedy' can be wonderfully combined with the 'Madeleine' series - ideal as a travel outfit, inspired by fashion-defining HANRO styles of the 1930s.

Creative Commons: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre by Moshe Milner, 1967

Simone de BEAUVOIR

Simone de Beauvoir was a French writer, philosopher, and feminist of the 20th century. She stands for the image of the strong, independent woman. She campaigned for equality between the sexes. To this day, she is considered an advocate of women's rights and a representative of existentialism. This idea is also reflected in the anniversary series 'Simone'.

"Simple white and a purist, elegant cut - the anniversary series 'Simone', inspired by the tennis trend of the 80s, revives the iconic sportswear aesthetic."




The tennis look has already been used in previous campaign shoots.

The tennis-inspired look revives the iconic sportswear aesthetic of the 80s.

The simplicity and naturalness of the existentialists are reflected in the 'Simone' series.

The semi-transparency breaks up the typical, clean cut and lends the styles to timeless elegance.

Creative Commons: own photo of an original lithograph from own property by Peter Geymayer, ca. 1839


Clara Schumann was more than just the wife of the great composer Robert Schumann. She herself was an outstanding musician who today is unfortunately often overshadowed by her husband. With her compositions, she asserted herself in a field that was primarily reserved for men and at a time when there was no question of anything approaching equality. But Clara refused to be defeated and was even better known than her husband during her lifetime. After his death, her willpower, strength, and self-determination were reflected in Clara Schumann's works, which are probably among the most beautiful compositions in German music.

"Dark hair, neatly parted, pretty face, dreamy look - and those beautiful dresses! As a girl, Clara Schumann wore snow-white dresses made of fine silk for concert appearances, and later some made of elegant black velvet. The playful, lovely characteristics were taken up again in the anniversary series 'Clara'."




At the turn of the century, HANRO was already known for high-quality cotton embroidery - with a love of detail.

The anniversary series 'Clara' embodies light summer styles with a charming retro appeal.

Airy cotton batiste or cotton jersey decorated with embroidery, created by our design team.

The highlight of the anniversary range is the babydoll-style pajamas.

Yves Saint Laurent in his Paris studio, photo John Downing/Getty Images, 1982


Yves Saint Laurent was a French fashion designer and an icon of the 20th century fashion industry. He began his career at Christian Dior and later founded his own fashion house. Known for revolutionary designs such as the men's suit for women ("Le Smoking") and the introduction of prêt-à-porter, his emancipatory influence on the fashion world remains significant to this day. Saint Laurent not only loved to dress women beautifully, he also wanted women to feel strong and beautiful in his fashion.

At his last fashion show, he summarized his work with the following words:

"I will be forgiven if I feel vain, but I have now long believed that fashion is not only there to beautify women, but also to reassure them, give them confidence, and enable them to stand by themselves."

"He stood for long-lasting style instead of short-lived fast fashion, which is also very important to us at HANRO. The anniversary series 'Yves' represents the comfortable suit in sporty elegance that characterized the HANRO men's collection at the end of the 90s."




Retro styles in a timeless Riviera look, inspired by the company archive.

The anniversary series 'Yves' embodies the modern retro look.

Versatile styles for home, leisure, vacation, or a city trip.

Comfortable double-face jersey with a flat knit band with stripes sewn onto the side.

Creative Commons: Pierre and Maria Skłodowska-Curie in the laboratory, ca. 1904

Pierre CURIE

Pierre Curie was an important French physicist who worked intensively on radioactivity. His collaboration with his wife Marie Curie led to the discovery of the radioactive elements polonium and radium and earned them the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903. During Marie Curie's lifetime, the world of science was still very much dominated by men. Nevertheless, Marie Curie achieved groundbreaking research successes in this environment. She is a model for female emancipation and is still the most famous female scientist in the world with two Nobel Prizes.

"Pierre Curie is so special to us because he supported and encouraged his wife at the time - despite considerable resistance and resentment from the male world - and shared his success with her. A pioneer of the modern man. The anniversary series 'Pierre' embodies the modern retro look inspired by a HANRO style from the 90s."




The inspiration was a HANRO style from the 90s and the campaign shoot at the time.

Sporty styles made from a modal-cotton blend with color-contrasting piping.

Highlight: Boxer shorts based on the style icon 'Cotton Sporty'.

These retro looks were inspired by our company archive.

Carl Ronus, founder of HANRO ca. 1898


Carl Ronus was a HANRO co-founder who, together with Albert Handschien, also offered comfortable underwear for men from the 1920s onwards. In doing so, they created the basis for comfortable, elegant day and nightwear.

"The anniversary series 'Carl' pays tribute to the founder Carl Ronus and is a homage to the timeless and elegant collections of the last 140 years. We drew inspiration for the jacquard lettering from the company archive. The poplin fabric impresses with the highest quality and technical innovation."




Trendy logo stripes were the inspiration for the retro series 'Carl'.

Woven nightwear with subtle logo jacquard, inspired by the company archive.

Summery pajamas styles for sleeping, lounging, or as ready-to-wear.

The pants can also be combined with 'Living Shirts', in the aesthetic sportswear look of the 80s.


Our anniversary collection is a tribute to timeless style and the power of femininity.
You can shop all the elegant retro styles directly here.







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