Travel Light

Start with us for your unforgettable vacation! Our fashionable and comfortable lingerie creations, made from high-quality and lightweight materials, guarantee that you feel comfortable when travelling and relaxing on your summer holidays. 

No matter where you want to spend your holiday, our design team has put together modern and stylish looks – perfect for a beach holiday, a city trip, or a sporty getaway in the mountains. 

>> Click here to discover comfortable yet fashionable summer vacation looks.


Summer Capsule Collection LIANE

Staged in front of the impressive Atlantic sand dunes of Biarritz, the lightweight summer capsule collection LIANE is feminine and sophisticated and features a modern look and a certain laissez-faire feel. Inspiring sensuality, timeless elegance, and modern distinctiveness are reflected in the versatile day- and nightwear of LIANE. 

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Bra Guide - Fit and Purchase

It's been estimated that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. However, all size is relative since it can vary greatly from brand to brand and from bra model to bra model. A lot of women are clinging to the idea of a specific size, forgetting that only the fit is what matters. In order to know whether a bra fits or not, the following points should be considered.


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International Women's Day

March 8, the International Women's Day, focuses on women and their accomplishments. To mark this day HANRO highlights one female figure that has influenced to a great extent the history of women's lingerie: Mary Phelps Jacob

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Pure Luxury on skin - Sea Island Cotton 

Our exquisite lingerie series made of 100% real Sea Island Cotton stands for unique quality, incomparable silky texture and unmatched soft touch. In our special story you will discover much more exciting and interesting details about Sea Island Cotton and our most luxurious lingerie series. 


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Designer's Favorite: Manolya designed by Elena

Elena Panagopoulos, designer at HANRO for 6 years talks about her favorite series MANOLYA of the trend collection spring summer 2018. In the interview she explains what is so special about the series and grants us an insight into the creation process of HANRO. 

>> Click here to read the interview with our designer Elena Panagopoulos. 



 Modern Elegance

Nonchalant luxury - timeless elegance - moder clarity: Bonjour Biarritz

Exactly these contrasts are reflected in the new HANRO spring summer collection: a mix of classic, elegant chic and contemporary casualness. Feminine, elegant and sophisticated with a modern look and a certain laissez-faire feel. 

>> Click HERE to get a look behind the scenes of our photo shooting and to get a glimpse of our spring summer collection 2018. 




Relax, Sleep & Unwind

A good night’s sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. With enough restful sleep each night, the world simply looks brighter. These basic bedtime principles will help you relax and get the restorative sleep your mind and your body need.

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Cotton Seamless - A homage to the iconic product 1601 spaghetti camisole

How could a basic undershirt become a worldwide staple icon? Why is the 1601 Cotton Seamless Spaghetti camisole so popular with HANRO customers from all over the world and with VIPs such as Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Carla Bruni or Kate Moss, who have been wearing the camisole for photo shootings or on screen? Why is Cotton Seamless far more than a basic bestseller? 

To tell you right away: there are at least 14 reasons why this timeless, elegant and puristic shirt 1601 Cotton Seamless Spaghetti camisole should not be missing in any wardrobe.  

>> We uncover the secret of this style icon in our special stories. 



Designer's Favourite Collection - Emina Designed by Elena

Over 135 years of experience in the development of extraordinary products has an impact on all of our creations. HANRO represents passion for the product and attention to detail. Our designers still draw their designs by hand and model them on customized dressmaker’s mannequins. There is something special and unique in every detail. With every fibre our products embody an elegant aesthetic. Each of these elements make our lingerie creations inimitable. 

In our special story “Designer’s Favourite Collection,” we open the doors to the Hanro design studio and offer insights into the history of an elegant lingerie line from the Fall Winter 2017 collection.

>> Click here to read the interview with our designer Elena Panagopoulos. 



Time Is Luxury Campaign Fall-Winter 2017

Relaxation, deceleration, time for yourself, nature, less -  this trend theme of our society is reflected in the campaign, the shooting location in Iceland as well as in HANRO’s autumn-winter collection 2017. For the mise-en-scène of the shooting, it was necessary to find a very special photographer personage and a suitable location, in line with the attitude of the brand and the autumn-winter 17 collection by Hanro. Our choice fell on Sven Jacobsen as the artist, known for his emotional, authentic, and classic photography style.

>> Interview with photographer Sven Jacobsen
You want to get to know Sven Jacobsen a little better? Here is an exclusive interview with hime we conducted during the shooting in Iceland.



Lingerie Care Tips

Look behind the scenes of HANRO with our new column „Special Stories“! Our design team will share their knowledge and provide valuable tips & tricks as well as interesting ‘making of’ insights about the world of underwear. You will receive useful advice from our experts as to how to treat your lingerie, find out how a product comes to life, and learn more about our designers, their personal favorite HANRO styles and their work.

In our lingerie tipps, our lingerie expert, Christiane Braun, is revealing the best Lingerie Care tips and tricks so you can enjoy your underwear for as long as possible and convert your underwear purchase into a worthwile long-term fashion investment.

>> Interested in our new Special Story? Click HERE to read the “Lingerie Care” story for valuable expert advice on how to treat your lingerie!