Our exquisite lingerie series made of 100% real Sea Island cotton stands for unique quality, incomparable silky texture and unmatched soft touch. In our special story you will discover much more exciting and interesting details about Sea Island cotton and our most luxurious lingerie series. 



Sea Island cotton is one of the world’s finest and most costliest strain of cotton, which is cultivated exclusively on the British West islands in the Caribbean. Only this limited area offers the necessary climatic conditions to unfold the perfection of the rare and precious Sea Island cotton fibres. Sea Island cotton stands out with an unrivalled staple length of 50 mm. In total the production of Sea Island cotton as a proportion of total worldwide cotton production is no more than 0.0004%.   





The delicate fibers of Sea Island cotton are only picked by hand. “By hand” means that only those fibers are harvested that are fully ripe, intact and that have the highest quality. Following, the cotton is skilfully processed in a gentle traditional method. The result is an incomparable quality, a silky texture and an unmatched soft touch. A special hologram on the packaging guarantees the 100% authenticity of Sea Island cotton from HANRO.



Cotton cannot be processed in its raw form. The fibers have to be spun first. In a spinning plant the cotton bundles are broken open, then in a production line the pressed fibers are combed and picked to pieces. Subsequently the cotton is cleaned and spun to a thread by spinning machines. 

The characteristics of the finished cotton product is not only dependent of the kind and quality of the fiber but also of the processing. This is the reason why the fibers of our Sea Island cotton is spun in Switzerland in the long-established company Spoerry 1866 and knitted in Austria, before our Sea Island cotton product is sewed by hand in one of our manufactures in Europe. 


The fiber length is one of the most important characteristics for the evaluation of the cotton’s quality. The following applies: the longer the fiber the more high-grade the quality of the textiles. Usually cotton with a fiber length between 15-42 millimeter is used. However, Sea Island cotton distinguishes itself from other cotton types with a fiber length of over 50 millimeter. Longer fibers can be spun to thinner and stronger threads, which do not only result in a more robust but also in a softer and shinier fabric. 

Products made of Sea Island cotton are characterized by: 

                  • Silky texture
                  • Soft touch
                  • Robust product because of thinner and stronger threads
                  • Moisture absorption
                  • Skin-friendly – low allergy potential
                  • Breathable

"Sea Island cotton comes into play in a number of areas of our collection. The designs are always pure and simple so that the special characteristics of the Sea Island cotton can take centre stage. " (HANRO Designer)





Discover our Sea Island cotton offer for women – ranging from delicate spaghetti tops, to elegant shirts and slips.







For the sophisticated men HANRO offers a wide selection of shirts, briefs and pants – all made of Sea Island cotton. The absolute highlight is the pyjama with its unmatched soft touch.