Finding a peace of mind and comfort in the middle of a busy, cosmopolitan lifestyle can be hard but it’s certainly achievable. The Danes found a way to describe it and they called it 'Hygge'. 'Hygge' is a way of life – it’s enjoying the little things in life.  And it is precisely this 'hygge' feeling that the new HANRO collection reflects with its fall loungewear pieces.




'Hygge' is a core element of the Danish tradition. Essentially, it is about embracing coziness and warmth while being surrounded by loved ones. The warm light of candles is 'Hygge'. Friends and family also belong to 'Hygge'. And not to forget the loungewear from HANRO.




Here, natural elegance meets comfort. After all, the secret of true beauty lies in charisma: it comes naturally, especially when we feel good. Being aware of these little things and bringing a little 'hygge' feeling into everyday life – that's what our fall season is all about.