Hint 1: How to wash your underwear

The first step in ensuring your lingerie stays looking new is to launder it the right way. To preserve your bras, always use a wash bag when you do your laundry. This will also prevent an underwire from coming out of the bra and potentially damaging your washing machine.

Always follow the advice on the garment care label as to how to wash your lingerie. Make sure not to wash in water that is too hot. The most gentle way to wash your lingerie is to either hand-wash or use the delicate wash cycle on your washing machine. Using the right laundry detergent is important: a special mild detergent will help to clean your delicate underwear in a gentle way.

Make sure to close all bra hooks before putting them in the laundry. Please do not use fabric softener for your lingerie. It has a negative impact on the elastane content in your lingerie and could result in shortening the life of the fabric. While you may often wash your garments inside out – please never turn your bras inside out, it may result in deformed cups. However  – what applies to your normal laundry is also appropriate for your lingerie: please separate color and dark pieces from white garments.

Hint 2: How to dry your lingerie



Drying your lingerie the right way is almost as important as laundering it correctly. Please do not tumble dry your bras and delicate undergarments. The heat of a tumble dryer puts additional stress on sheer fabrics, laces and colors, and might deform the garments. It is always better let your laundry air-dry instead. Gently mold your wet bras into shape after washing. Should you hang your wet garments or let them dry flat? Either way is fine. Lay your lingerie flat onto a towel or on an even surface. If you prefer to hang dry your bras, it is recommended to use a hanger.

Alternatively, you can carefully hang your bra over a clothes line. But please do not affix your bra on the clothes line with a clothespin, neither at the straps nor at the sides. It may stretch out the fabric, resulting in the bra losing its shape and fit. Also, a clothespin might leave ugly imprints on the fabric. When you air-dry your lingerie, please consider: Too much heat or too much direct sunlight could result in fading colors.

Hint 3: How to store your lingerie


The next step is to find an appropriate place to keep your bras and briefs. They should be proteced from sunlight, moisture and dust at all times. The best way to store your delicate undergarments is in a wardrobe or dresser. If you store them in a wooden drawer, cover the bottom with smooth paper or silk fabric to avoid splinters. How to avoid a messy lingerie drawer: Fold your underwear carefully. Close the hooks of your bras and put them neatly into the drawer – in a row or on top of each other. This way of storage secures that your cups and straps stay in shape and are not deformed or bent. Avoid getting your bras and briefs all mixed up by separating them inside the drawer. This not only spares you from long and unnecessary rummaging in your drawer while searching for the right brief, but also avoids unpleasant dents, fabric wrinkles, or bent laces or straps.

Hint 4: How to pack your underwear when traveling

Summer is fast approaching! If you are making summer vacation plans or have just booked yourself a nice summer vaction journey – don‘t forget to think about the right way to pack your underwear into your suitcase or travel bag. Your delicate lingerie and sensitive bras will thank you for it.

Especially padded bras and underwire bras are in danger to get out of shape in the bag or suitcase during transporation. But also negligees and fine lacy pieces lingerie might suffer in the suitcase during transportation or arrive creased, crumpled or even or damaged at the destination. Paying a little attention and some helpful tools will prevent from bad surprises when unpacking.

Therefore put the bras on top of each other in the bag or suitcase so that every cup lies on the underlying cup. Please do not fold or turn the bras – this might result in dents or deshaping. It might help to use a few pair of socks to stuff the cups. Even better tools are special lingerie travel sets for underwire bras (can be ordered online). This will protect your bras in any case.

If you like to take no or only a few padded bras, or if you are lacking the space in your luggage, a small underwear travel bag with special compartments might help. They are easy to put into every bag or suitcase. You can stack your bras onto each other, and pack your briefs and socks into the separate divisions. So you make sure that your underwear arrives in perfect condition at every travel destination – and you save yourself from rummaging through all your luggage in the search for the matching brief to your bra.

It is recommended to put sensitive garments such as negligees or sheer silk tops on top into the suitcase to avoid unpleasant wrinkles (this way they are not weighed down from other heavy items). Put the underwear as flat and neatly as possible into the bag or suitcase and avoid folding them too often. A layer of silk paper prevents them from getting out of place and getting too crumpled.

By the way: Always put your shoes into a shoe bag or a carrier bag, to avoid getting dirt on all your garments and especially your precious lingerie.