Elena Panagopoulos, designer at HANRO for 6 years talks about her favorite series MANOLYA of the trend collection spring summer 2018. In the interview she explains what is so special about the series and grants us an insight into the creation process of HANRO. 





What was the inspiration for the MANOLYA series? 

The inspiration for the MANOLYA series for me  were the beautiful magnolias, which bloom here every spring and amaze me over and over again. These flowers are incredible elegant and embody for me the anticipation of summer. 

I wanted to create a series which is both beautiful and comfortable to wear. In my opinion women are the most seductive when they feel comfortable in their own skin. This means, no matter how sexy a lingerie set can be, if it scratches and pinches you feel uncomfortable and this can be seen. This is the reason why I decided on two very comfortable materials. The first quality is ultra thin and still mouldable, which means that there are no irritating cup seams and the skin is able to breathe. The second quality is the delicate Leavers lace that caresses the skin. 


What are the next steps? Are your drawings made by hand? Do you choose the materials yourself?

At the beginning of every series there is the material selection. Everything depends on the fabrics, laces and ingredients that I choose. Initially I only have a fragmented idea of the series that I want to create. With the material the ideas come to life. As soon as the qualities are set I start to make sketches and draping on the tailor’s mannequin. I select the qualities on fairs or from the archives of our suppliers.

In the case of MANOLYA I let myself inspire by the technique of an already existing lace and developed from it an own design exclusively for HANRO. Since a couple of seasons we are regularly using the basic quality for our trend collections. We love this material since it is light and yet stable and thereby comfortable just like a second skin. 





Were there any limitations or hurdles during the development of MANOLYA? 

Since we developed the design for the lace of this series on our own there were indeed some challenges till we arrived at the perfect outcome. It is always difficult to technically realize a sketch so that in the end it corresponds with the idea of the lace. Luckily we have a close collaboration with our supplier Noyon and are able to overcome any obstacles through the permanent personal contact. 




What makes the MANOLYA series so special? 

MANOLYA is the perfect  combination of lightweight elastic woven material with elegant Leavers lace from Calais (France) the stronghold of the delicate Leavers lace. The cups are underlaid with exceptional soft tulle that is not only comfortable on the skin but also softly shapes the breasts. Despite the comfort MANOLYA seduces with an elegant and very feminine look. 




The final product is a seductive and comfortable lingerie series with lavishly inserted, floral Leavers lace that pays homage to the elegant magnolia blossoms.