The Story behind


Once an elegant lido and luxury retreat of the aristocrats, the elegant seaside resort Biarritz is now one of the best and coolest surf spots in Europe. Visitors love the glamorous nonchalance as much as the calmness and the raw nature of the Atlantic. 

Exactly these contrasts are reflected in the new HANRO spring summer collection: a mix of classic, elegant chic and contemporary casualness. Feminine, elegant and sophisticated with a modern look and a certain laissez-faire feel. 

A (sea) view behind the scenes of the campaign shooting

SVEN JACOBSEN once again shot the new HANRO campaign. His attentively, clear, purist and authentic photography stile fits perfectly to the core values of HANRO and hence he achieved to capture the timeless, elegant and high-quality looks of the new collection. 

In the following photo gallery we will give you a look behind the scenes of our shooting. Immerse yourself in the impressing scenery of the Altantic coast with the magnificent waterfront, rocky cliffs, long sandy beaches and elegant promenade of the surfer hotspot Biarritz with its French flair of the Bel Epoque. 

Location Biarritz

A hint of nonchalant luxury blows through the streets of Biarritz. The classic Grand Plage and the Casino coin the legendary reputation of this chic seaside resort and surf hotspot at the Atlantic. The laid-back Casualwear styles and the stylish fashion pieces of the loungewear collection were shot at this place. 

Location Villa at the Beach

Besides its puristic and modern architecture and high quality concrete, glass and wood materials the villa offers a view to the beach and the widths of the Atlantic Ocean. Perfect for sensual indoor pictures. 

Location – Dunes and endless beaches

The best place to underline the casual and modern nonchalance and the timeless elegance of the trend styles of the spring summer collection. 

Location – Atlantic Ocean

As versatile as our collection is the Atlantic: almost every hour he provides us with a different wild and raw natural spectacle – ranging from crashing waves, sharp rocks, rocky cliffs, strong winds and storms to calm and waveless sunshine hours at the beach. 

You already want more? Our campaign film MODERN ELEGANCE will give you additional insights in our spring-summer collection 2018.