The Spring/Summer 2019 campaign and collection is inspired by the four basic elements of FIRE, WATER, AIR, and EARTH. These are the elixirs of LIFE. Each element is associated with a specific color that embodies certain characteristics. Rocks, fresh wind, the warmth of the sun, and the Iberian sea – In Jávea, a port town near Valencia in the north of the Costa Blanca, these four elements come together. The perfect location for our campaign shooting.




In the following picture gallery we give you a few insights behind the scenes of our fantastic shooting as well as first insights of the wonderful and colorful styles of the ELIXIR OF SUMMER collection.



From warm, natural earthy tones with a fruity note, to sweet pink and juicy red shades, and the summery green and blue nuances of the Atlantic: the ELIXIR OF SUMMER collection offers a self-contained color concept, based on the four elements of EARTH (NATURAL SERENITY), AIR (COOL BREEZE), FIRE (RADIANT SUNRISE), WATER (AQUATIC ILLUSION).









A gentle transition between the seasons is created by gentle colors inspired by the element of earth. Spring embodies the feminine and romantic with orchid and sandstone shades. Classic stripes and delicate floral prints in pastel colors are the perfect harbingers of the new season.








The first release date is characterized by the colors of the element of air – fresh and light. Various blue nuances, from light to dark, match up with the fruity trend color of mango that makes gently bronzed summer skin radiate. Fine embroidery, inspired by blossoms and leaves, brings springtime to lingerie and nightwear.








Based on the element of fire, gentle pink and rouge nuances, delicate strawberry sorbet, juicy red tones and bright oranges usher in the summer. Natural clay tones harmonize with urban grey and fresh summer shades. Trendy back details are highlights for both day and nightwear. Stripes, floral and graphic prints create a stylish mixed pattern look.








The soft colors of the underwater world meet lavender and lilac tones: The fresh green and blue nuances of the element water match perfectly with the light fabrics of the collection. Lavender, lilac and reed green are combined with a dark ocean blue. Delicate floral prints round off the intricate look of the summer.




LOUNGEWEAR  #relaxeverywear

Whether worn for relaxing, for leisure, or for a modern casual look – the Living Collection from HANRO unites the current trends of mix & match, layering, and athleisure. Cozy styles for the couch or soft sport are turned into a fashion statement in combination with ready-to-wear influenced pieces. This loungewear can be worn at home as well as outdoors for a variety of occasions, without compromising style or wearing comfort. HANRO creates well-dressed, everyday looks, in which a woman feels comfortable and looks superb.






The INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO looks are showing how versatile and multifunctional, the Spring/Summer 2019 collection is. Due to mix & match across all categories new styles are consistently created to blur the boundaries between day and night as well as indoor and outdoor.







Got curious? Are you interested in more? Have a look at our fantastic campaign film ELIXIR OF SUMMER and let yourself be inspired by the wonderful designs, materials and colors of the new collection - based on the four elements earth, air, fire and water.