Touch of HANRO - Special Story



Uniquely soft, our fabrics brush against your skin with the inimitable TOUCH OF HANRO.
feel the difference, feel the sustainability, feel the softness.


We asked our employees around the world:

What makes HANRO noticeably different for you?

Account Executive, HANRO USA

“HANRO is the ultimate in comfort. Being comfortable has come to mean feeling safe and feeling secure. When I wear the products, I feel like I'm really being taken care of. Wearing HANRO makes me feel truly special. The comfort is exceptional.”

HANRO Shop Munich

"The unique combination of the noticeably airy light fabrics in a distinctive quality, developed with a passion for comfort. That's what makes HANRO noticeably different for me."

Retail Manager, HANRO Germany

"HANRO is a modern, open-minded, international company. The diversity of the employees is reflected in the unique products. The daywear, nightwear, and loungewear styles are comfortable, chic, and casual at the same time - just perfect for every day."

E-Commerce Brand Coordinator, HUBER SHOP

"HANRO undergarments are so light, airy and comfortable, like a second skin – that you forget you're wearing anything. It's exactly this feeling that makes it noticeably different for me."

She is wearing the 'Ultralight' bodydress from HANRO's lightest cotton collection. A favorite product with a NATURAL TOUCH.

HANRO Shop Munich

"For me, HANRO creates something very special every day, namely my personal feel-good moment. When I come home after a long day and snuggle up on the couch in my favorite loungewear, I enjoy an absolutely soft, luxurious feeling on my skin combined with a great fit and comfort."

Special comfort and relaxation gives us the 'Balance' collection. A favorite product with an INNOVATIVE TOUCH.

Designer, HANRO

"For me, the moment I put on a garment from HANRO is noticeably different. When I feel the supple fabric, my skin simply breathes a sigh of relief. A feel-good moment that I look forward to again and again."

Country Manager, HANRO Italy

“When you first wear HANRO you can’t help falling in love with the feeling of incredible softness on your skin. It's a treat for your body which also soothes your soul and indulges your senses, like relaxing with a glass of good wine after a hot bath.”

Country Manager, HANRO France

“HANRO is perceptibly different for me because of its timeless and elegant look, and because of its unique soft natural fabrics that act like a self-care product on my skin, contributing to my well-being while being environmentally friendly.”

Director of E-Commerce and Retail Services, HANRO USA

“Wearing HANRO each day has become routine in taking the best care of myself. I have come to realize that feeling good starts with how you dress and HANRO has become an integral part to the start of my day.”

A piece of feminine luxury everyday: 'Lace Delight'. A favorite product with a NATURAL TOUCH.

Sales Manager, HANRO

“In addition to the trendy looks and high-quality fabrics, the different experience I feel when I wear HANRO products is how naturally it touches the skin. It gives an extra comfort and softness to the skin which makes it perfect to wear at any time and for any occasion.”

Country Manager, HANRO Switzerland

"For me, there are two reasons to buy a product from HANRO. The design and the quality. Design is a matter of taste, but there is no arguing about quality. HANRO has beautiful fabrics and I simply feel good in them. And that is noticeably different for me."

Product Development, HANRO

"HANRO products are simply noticeably softer and finer. The ‘Woolen Silk‘ collection is one of my favorites, the rib hugs the body beautifully and the fabrics are very classy. And of course, my heart is attached to HANRO products because I've been involved in their development for years."

Managing Director, HANRO

"For me, the softness of HANRO's fabrics is as distinctive as a cashmere sweater."

'Sea Island Cotton' is the rarest, softest, and most exclusive cotton in the world. A favorite product with a PREMIUM TOUCH.

Head of returns department, warehouse GYÖR

"For me, HANRO stands out because of the lightweight and high-quality materials. The products fit perfectly, no matter what figure you have. I like the natural, skin-friendly fabrics, as it gives me a little piece of luxury every day."

Event & Social Media, HANRO

"Wearing HANRO feels very special to me. The feel of the fine, soft fabrics on the skin is in no way comparable to the underwear of fast fashion brands. But it is also the certainty that each product is produced fairly and with great attention to detail in Europe that makes the wearing experience inimitable for me. HANRO touches skin and soul.”

Head of Marketing, HANRO

"I associate feel-good moments with HANRO undergarments - like a fire by the open fireplace, a gentle breeze on the seashore, the first spring sun in March, or a warm bath after a mountain hike. It just feels good and makes you happy."

Trade Marketing Coordinator, HANRO

"I love all kinds of outdoor sports. Whether in the cold winter or on hot summer days. I only let the ultra-soft, breathable underwear made of the finest natural fibers from HANRO touch my sensitive skin. This underwear is really noticeably different from all the other brands I used to wear for sports."

'Pure Silk' is made of 100% delicate fine rib silk that  is super soft and  naturally regulates  body temperature. A favorite product with a PREMIUM TOUCH.

PR & Communications Manager, HANRO

"The light fabrics fit my body and make me feel like I’m the center of attention. They fit my body and not the other way around – that makes HANRO noticeably different for me."

She is wearing the body-hugging crop top and panty set from 'Touch Feeling'. A favorite product with an INNOVATIVE TOUCH.






We spoke with three well-known bloggers about their individual preferences, asked them why they prefer to wear HANRO clothing, and how does it make them feel. What does our soft cotton have in common with our cool viscose or our warming wool? Simple – they’re all natural, innovative, and luxurious, while each fabric has its own unique feel.

INNOVATIVE TOUCH “I love undergarments that are timeless. Ones that I can sleep in, pop out to the bakery in, and even mix and match with my own fashion looks when I feel so inclined. That’s exactly what HANRO is all about.”


NATURAL TOUCH “Being pregnant, I’m more careful than ever before when it comes to what touches my skin. I make sure my underwear feels comfortable and is made of soft, natural fabrics.”


PREMIUM TOUCH “HANRO’s wool and silk blends feel as soft as a gentle embrace, like a temple of well-being that you never want to leave.”