Stephan Hohmann, CEO at HANRO, talks about the new INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO looks. In an interview, he tells us the inspiration behind the style combinations and how they are developing the brand further.




















The INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO showcase how versatile and multifunctional the HANRO collections are. With the option to mix and match, new looks can be created by blurring the lines between underwear and outerwear. This trend development is illustrated in our new Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

















What has HANRO put in motion to create such looks?

With the new individual looks, HANRO has set a new benchmark in the industry and is the forerunner in this area. HANRO creates modern and timeless looks that are comfortable throughout the day – 24 hours. With INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO, we are breaking the categories of lingerie, nightwear, and loungewear. HANRO is no longer a brand that is known purely for lingerie, it has developed into a lifestyle brand. In the end, it's truly the consumers who have the creative control in creating their unique, personal styles.

















What is the added value for the customer?

With INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO, we wanted to demonstrate that the fashion-conscious and confident woman can combine our products from daywear, nightwear, and loungewear as she pleases and making it her own. Our core brand values in high-quality, timeless design, and pure, natural materials will continue to be the main focus. In our look book and our online shop, we provide the customer with suggestions of endless combinations and offer inspiration for creating their own distinct look.



















How do you communicate this new concept?

For the INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO campaign, we have developed a new image concept to deliberately differentiate the styles from our seasonal campaigns. The INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO looks are set in Cathleen Wolf’s modern and contemporary studio. Cathleen Wolf is a renowned fashion photographer. Our model Nastya also embodies this new look.



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Get inspired by the combination possibilities of INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO styles: