Elena Panagopoulos, designer at HANRO for the last 6 years, talks about her favourite series, NEDA, from the Fall/Winter 2018 trend collection. In the interview, she tells us what makes the series so special and shares a few of her styling tips.  






What inspired you to create the Neda trend series?

The inspiration for Neda came from the velvet trend, which is very big right now. Up until now, we know this gorgeous, soft fabric only in the context of outerwear, so I definitely wanted to bring it into the realm of lingerie. This is how the velvet-flocked tulle fabric became a fashion highlight for the Neda series. The pattern is a mixture of a graphic and floral print.



What sets velvet apart?

Thanks to the glossy, silk-like shimmer on its surface, velvet looks very fine and exquisite. Velvet is a modern, seductive, sophisticated and soft material that provides a very feminine look for all who wear it. Being on the design team, we have a great impact on new innovation, so we came up with the Neda series which combines the velvet with mesh and tulle. 






How did the Neda design process go?

Once it was decided that the trend theme of velvet would play a major role in the series, I started looking for the perfect fabric from suppliers. Then I came across the fine tulle fabric at the long-established Libaert company in Belgium. This tulle would ensure the garments would be light and easy to wear. Having sourced all of the materials, we looked to see how these could fit together in a harmonious way. We also had to make sure that the function and elasticity of the lingerie was maintained.




Did you face any particular challenges in developing the Neda series?

Because we were using various different materials for the series, matching the colors was a challenge because it’s important that the colors of the material create harmony. It was particularly difficult to color match the tulle because of the velvet flocking. You also get a lot of fiber dust when cutting flocked fabric, which can be a challenge at the sewing stage.



What makes the Neda series so special?

Neda is a seductive lingerie series that presents the velvet trend in a sophisticated way with transparent and opaque inserts. At the same time, Neda has a clean and puristic design concept. All various materials used have varying degrees of transparency. Along with an opaque mesh, we have also used a fine mesh and a velvet-flocked tulle base for the lingerie series. The slight transparency of the tulle and the delicately matte surface of the velvet flocking interact with the seductive gloss of the elastic straps and edgings – this gives Neda a very special look. While comfort is important, the perfect cut and the quality of the materials were the highest priority.

Styling Tipp

The bras and bodysuits of the Neda series are a real eye-catcher under silky blouses or trendy velvet dresses. Thanks to the double-panelled tulle in the back of the bodysuit and Brazilian briefs, the flat seams disappear even under the finest clothes.

The series is available in seductive black and a feminine, natural, toffee tone, which are both perfect for wearing under elegant outfits.