A homage to the iconic product 1601 Cotton Seamless Spaghetti camisole


14 reasons why this timeless, elegant and puristic shirt 1601 Cotton Seamless Spaghetti camisole should not be missing in any wardrobe:

1. Extraordinary, highest wearing comfort. 

2. Perfect fit

3. No twisted seams. 

4. Usage of finest, highest quality, mercerized cotton, which stays even after frequent laundering and wear soft, smooth and bright.  

5. Extra soft feel 

6. Long lasting colour brillance

7. High durability respectively tear-resistance

8. Uncomplicated care – machine washable

9. No pilling

10. Seamless processing

11. Flat, invisible hem. 

12. Delicate satin edging and elegant satin straps. 

13. Ultralight with only 57 grams. 

14. Wide variety of models: available in 4 basic and 2 trend colours and in 7 different designs, 2 bra and 4 slip types. 


How does HANRO achieve this great performance? Thanks to the unique internal production processed MADE BY HANRO. 

MADE BY HANRO stands for: 

  • ⁃ long-standing internal know how
  • ⁃ innovative refinement processes – such as the uniquely innovative circular knitting technology and the soft-mercerization of the cotton fabric.  
  • ⁃ highest quality materials such as cotton that is mostly hand plugged
  • ⁃ numerous, complex individual steps ranging from the sewing by hand to the final inspection of every single camisole! 



Even more details about the origin of the iconic, timeless elegant camisole are available here: 

>> The making-of video of Cotton Seamless

>>Step by step to the iconic product: the production process of Cotton Seamless 1601 Spaghetti camisole 








Bestseller, style icon and VIP favourite for 30 years

Since its launch in 1985, our timeless and elegant 1601 COTTON SEAMLESS camisole is a HANRO-bestseller and a favourite of many customers all over the world.

Did you know that

… Nicole Kidman wore the COTTON SEAMLESS cami from HANRO in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 Hollywood movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ – which led to such a spectacular increase of demand that it was sold out for many months?

…world famous fashion icons such as Carla Bruni and Alessandra Ambrosio modelled for HANRO at younger ages, and had obviously also been shot in the bestselling COTTON SEAMLESS spaghetti-strapped top? 

… the iconic camisole was featured in various editorial and shootings with VIPs – like in the 1993 British VOGUE with Kate Moss, or in a 2008 campaign from Dior Cosmetics with Sharon Stone?

… every day all over the world almost 200 pieces of HANRO’s popular COTTON SEAMLESS 1601 camisole are sold ? 

… this super-fine and light COTTON SEAMLESS 1601 camisole only weighs 47 grams?

… we only use finest, long staple, combed cotton yarns with a staple length up to 30 mm for producing the COTTON SEAMLESS fabric? 

…. our in-house production manufactures up to 14 kilogram per day of this popular circular-knitted COTTON SEAMLESS fabric?

… HANRO uses separate circular knitting machines per size (XS, S, M and L) to produce the seamless cotton tubes – because each machine is crafting only one size?

… each of HANRO’s circular knitting machines costs 120‘000 Euro?

… by finishing with a special mercerizing process, the fabric gets a long lasting, soft and gentle feel, a unique sheen, better colour brilliance and a stronger durability? 

… we call the 28 meter long high-tech machine, which is responsible for the special mercerization of the fabric, our „1 Million Dollar Machine”? 

… the sophisticated satin straps and the elegant satin trim along the v-neck are painstakingly being applied by the skillful hands of our seamstresses at each single camisole?

… each single camisole is quality-checked before it leaves the production, to ensure no loose threads or yarns are found on the garment, the fabric has no errors or flaws, and the care label is properly applied? This is the only way enabling us to guarantee flawless quality for our customers.