The popular 'Cotton Seamless' collection is made of 100% Cotton.

The new Loungewear 'Natural Comfort' is made of 100% TencelTM fibers.


TENCEL™ fibers, also known as Lyocell, are currently all the rage. What makes the fabric special and what are the differences to the popular cotton? We tell you everything you need to know about TENCEL™ fibers and cotton.





Even the high-quality clothing of the Greeks and Romans was made of cotton. To this day, cotton is valued for its lightness and great material quality, making it the most important resource for the textile industry. Cotton is grown on cotton plantations in tropical and subtropical regions, as it is sensitive to frost and requires a lot of moisture and warmth, especially in the ripening stage.

Cotton is more natural in further processing than TENCELTM fibers. Cotton is spun directly into yarn, which means that it retains its typically structured surface and the individual fibers are still recognizable. At HANRO, we only use high-quality, long-staple cotton fibers, which makes the end product smoother, shinier and softer. Cotton is physiologically most similar to our skin and feels warmer than TENCELTM fibers. Especially in winter, roughing up the cotton can create a cozy feeling.



TENCEL™ is the brand name for Lyocell fabric, created by the Austrian company Lenzing AG. The fiber is made from the raw cellulose fiber of wood pulp. Although, TENCEL ™ has a natural origin, the wood pulp goes through industrial processing. The fiber production itself is particularly environmentally friendly due to a closed loop cycle. TENCEL™ is mainly produced from eucalyptus trees, but can also be from acacia, maple, birch, poplar, beech, black alder, or spruce. Lenzing AG in Austria, only wood of European origin are processed into cellulose. All the wood that is used comes from certified and sustainably managed natural forests and plantations.

Unlike cotton, Lyocell is first chemically dissolved and then processed via spinnerets into a continuous fiber. This gives the fabric a soft hand and a subtle sheen. Especially in terms of sustainability, TENCEL™ lead a new generation of fibers. The raw material wood is fast-growing and requires less water during growth and processing. In addition, Lyocell perfectly combines the properties of well-known natural fibers: it cools like linen, is more absorbent than cotton, and has a silky feel. Products made of TENCEL™ fibers are particularly suitable for sports activities because they dry quickly. They also have a temperature-balancing, cooling effect due to their smooth surface that is perfect for summer.

TENCEL™ is the new trend material: derived from wood, TENCEL™ fibers combine the body-climatic properties of cotton and linen, while feeling soft as silk with a subtle sheen.

She is wearing the woolen sleep pajama with sustainable TENCEL™ fibers, a perfect companion for all situations.


"In the design process, the material is especially important. Fabric made of TENCEL™  fibers is incredibly soft, drapes nicely, and makes the silhouettes look classy and elegant. The fact that these fabrics are also sustainable is an absolute plus.


Product Management at HANRO

Expert Claudia Brugger tells us all about the new trendy fabric

What are TENCEL™ fibers?

CB: "The certified fibers are produced from the renewable raw material wood in an environmentally friendly, closed loop process. Tencel™ fibers are biodegradable and can thus be completely returned to nature. Through their integration into the natural cycle, they contribute to ecological balance."



From whom does HANRO source the fibers?

CB: "We obtain our TENCEL™ fibers from Lenzing AG in Austria. Wood and pulp come from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations."



What makes TENCEL™ fibers so special?

CB: "TENCEL™ fibers absorb moisture and are temperature-regulating. Therefore, it feels comfortable and dry at all times. In addition, TENCEL™ fibers are incredibly soft on the skin suitable for people with sensitive skin."



Which is better, TENCEL™ fibers or cotton?

CB: "There is no either or. TENCEL™ fibers expand the collection and offer a sustainable alternative to others fabrics, while Cotton is a classic. Like everything else, there are pros and cons to be considered. In the end, the customer decides according to their preferences and can purchase either with a clear conscience."

The pajama 'Natural Comfort' is made of 100 % aus TENCEL™ fibers. The styles are chic yet comfortable.



We only use the best
and highest quality cotton.



80% of fabrics are produced
'inhouse' in Austria 



All HANRO products are
STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX® certified.