An ode to aesthetics 

For 140 years, it is not only the characteristic HANRO design with its minimalist cuts, high-quality natural fabrics and loving craftsmanship that has shaped the brand's success. The aesthetic imagery and the surprising visual staging of the advertising campaigns also contribute significantly to HANRO's exclusive brand image. Bold and eye-catching campaign shoots have not only aroused curiosity but have also consolidated HANRO's claim to be a luxury brand for underwear - yesterday, today and undoubtedly tomorrow. 


The choice of extraordinary, non-conformist shooting locations that are torn from the usual underwear-bedroom milieu - from tennis courts to polo clubs and bullfighting arenas. Experience this legendary campaign aesthetic with the retro-inspired nightwear range from TIE BREAK.

1938 Tennis dress made of stretchy, dense, heavy jersey fabric. By designer Madeleine Kriesemer-Handschin, granddaughter of the HANRO founder.

1998 this nightwear was staged on the tennis court to attract attention.

2024 TIE BREAK inspired by the iconic sportswear tennis aesthetic of the 80s, the nightwear anniversary series 'Simone' was created.

'TIE BREAK CAMPAIGN' presents the anniversary series 'Simone' and 'Carl' through the unconventional setting of a tennis court and thus shows nightwear as versatile daywear, free of clichés and with an innovative approach.

Shootings at unconventional locations

In order to emphasize the charisma of self-confident women, unusual and non-conventional backdrops were chosen for the shoots, which clearly stand out from the traditional bedroom milieu.

Famous photographers

The collaboration in the 1930s with renowned photographers and studios such as the legendary Atelier d'Ora Benda from Vienna or the fashion photographer Georges Saad was style-defining and trend-conscious.

At the beginning of the 1930s, the Liestal-based textile company Hanro had its collections photographed in exclusive studios - including the Atelier d'Ora-Benda in Vienna. This photo studio staged Hanro's latest beach and swimwear with simple elegance in the style of "new objectivity".

New York photographer Toni Frissell is a pioneer of the new naturalness. She moved the photo studio from indoors to outdoors. At Hanro, fashion photography in the early 1940s was influenced by this style.

Georges Saad, a renowned fashion photographer, was part of Hanro's vision in the 1930s. Hanro's photographs up to the mid-1930s reflect the influence of the "new objectivity" style, which is characterized by precise reproduction of form and a sober visual language.

Staging in the mirror of the decades 

Glamorous poses and styling that stage women in the most diverse zeitgeist contexts - sometimes glamorously diva-like, sometimes classic, sometimes romantic, sometimes avant-garde, sometimes iconic-painting-like, sometimes trendily cheeky - but always with class, conveying femininity, self-confidence, high quality and luxury.

Das Archiv öffnet einen Zugang zu über hundert Jahren Textilgeschichte und präsentiert eine umfangreiche Sammlung.

Über die Jahre haben sich viele wertvolle Entwürfe gesammelt, die auch heute noch eine unerschöpfliche Inspirationsquelle für unsere DesignerInnen sind.

Modeentwürfe MADELEINE Handschin, undatiert, vermutlich 1939/40.

Die HANRO Archiv-Kuratorin Madeleine Girard kümmert sich mit Passion darum, dass alles seinen Platz hat.

Eine Reise durch die Zeit offenbart private Rückblicke aus MADELEINE Handschins Leben.

Aus dem privaten Fotoalbum: MADELEINE (links) und Freundinnen lassen sich 1933 an der französischen Riviera vom mondänen Strandleben inspirieren.


Famous film stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman, fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and legendary top models of the 80s and 90s have always lent the brand a touch of glamour.

Icons of film history wear HANRO: Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch" and Nicole Kidman in "Eyes Wide Shut" embody a simple but unbeatably erotic aesthetic with HANRO. Many Hollywood stars appreciate the brand for its quality and timeless elegance.

HANRO has always had an unerring instinct for models who embodied the spirit of the times. When Linda Evangelista, Carla Bruni, Marcus Schenkenberg or Alessandra Ambrosio were not yet supermodels, they were booked by HANRO and were the face of a trend campaign.




To celebrate our anniversary, we are taking a retrospective look at 140 years of textile history. Since its founding in 1884, HANRO has accompanied the spirit of the times with underwear collections. The company archive in Liestal served as a source of inspiration for the designers. The anniversary styles were staged using old campaign images.