March 8, the International Women's Day, focuses on women and their accomplishments. To mark this day, HANRO highlights one female figure which influenced to a great extent the history of women's lingerie. 

MARY PHELPS JACOB (1891 - 1970) - in 1914 she freed women from the tight corset and invented the bra. 

She was a well-known feminist, publisher and author from New York. Since her corset poked out from under gown and limited her movements she invented the bra. She went down in history with the words: 

"Bring me two of my pocket handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon... And bring the needle and thread and some pins"  



HANRO has been developing lingerie for strong women for over 130 years. Through the years HANRO has freed underwear from is purely functional aspect and given it the surprise or status of a fashion accessory. As in the past for Mary Phelps Jacob, it is important for HANRO today that women feel comfortable in their skin and their lingerie, that their self-confidence is boosted and their personality accentuated. 



 "For us true luxury means feeling completely at home in your own skin. Fabrics must be of the very highest quality and origin to meet this demand, so the process begins back with the selection of raw materials. Those who wear a HANRO garment for the first time are surprised how soft the cotton feels, how airy and light the wool is, and how delicate the silk mixes are. Our products should provide pleasure for years to come. This is the reason why all our fabrics and ingredients are carefully tested." (HANRO design team)

Our series SEA ISLAND COTTON, WOOLEN SILK and PURE SILK offer true luxury for your skin. 


Lingerie, that stays hidden under fine, close-fitting clothing or that won't rub or chafe significantly contributes to the sense of well-being – and boosts self-confidence of each woman. The HANRO Basic series COTTON SEAMLESS, INVISIBLE COTTON and SMOOTH Illusion impress with a smooth and lightweight material with ultra-flat cut edges, which remain hidden under close-fitting clothing. 





Depending on the occasion, HANRO clothing enables our customers to dress very clean and simple or seductive and strong - whatever they prefer. Important is that they can always accentuate their own individual personality. Our designs are not only self-confident and strong but also elegant and delicate - for us this is not a contradiction, since we want to accentuate the various sides of a woman. 

"Less is more" - this is the design principle for our timeless, modern lingerie creations which can be understood as an understatement with a touch of luxury. The HANRO design language focuses on clean, pure cuts without forgetting about beautiful, exclusive details. HANRO creates lingerie for strong women. 




"With the series CARA we made a clear statement for strong, self-confident women: the modern, sporty and pure chic as well as the perfect fit and wearing comfort of CARA are a clear commitment from HANRO to authenticity and self-confidence." (HANRO design team)





For us as HANRO designers, seduction means that you dress for yourself and celebrate your individual beauty. It is important for us that the HANRO products have a clean and puristic look yet still that refined touch.“ (HANRO design team)